Joe Judge: Not every play was perfect, but pleased with how offense worked

The Giants played their first game since firing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett against the Eagles on Sunday and it wasn’t an offensive masterpiece. They only picked up 264 yards and scored 13 points before failing to put the game away after a late fumble by Eagles running back Boston Scott, but they never turned the […]


Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment

New clinical research indicates that a widely used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose, alters the intestinal environment of healthy persons, perturbing levels of beneficial bacteria and nutrients. These findings, published in Gastroenterology, demonstrate the need for further study of the long-term impacts of this food additive on health. The research was led by a collaborative team of […]


Walmart veteran Biggs to step down as CFO next year

Walmart Inc (WMT.N) said on Monday longtime executive Brett Biggs will step down from his role as chief financial officer of the world’s largest retailer next year. Biggs, the finance chief since 2015, helped oversee a period of rapid change at Walmart as the brick-and-mortar retailer launched and expanded a number of initiatives to help […]


You probably have better options than the candy bar-shaped monitor

Another day, another interesting gadget making the rounds on the internet — this one is a very tall (aspect ratio-wise anyway) portable monitor with an 8.8-inch display running at a resolution of 420 by 1920. It’s called the Elsonic EK-MD088, and while its size, shape, and built-in stand make it intriguing, it also raises the […]


Hundreds of Roundabouts in Two U.S. States are Saving Lives, Reducing Injuries, and Lowering Carbon Emissions

Why do Americans still construct traffic intersections that make cars sit idle for minutes at a time, while spewing emissions, at red lights? Well, not all U.S. states are stuck in the past. In the state of Indiana, 256 roundabouts (also called traffic circles) have been constructed since 2016, and the data is showing what […]


Matthew Stafford “feeling fine” physically after Sunday’s loss

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford did not appear on the injury report this week, but a report on Sunday morning indicated that he probably should have popped up on the list. Stafford is reportedly dealing with back, elbow, and ankle issues, but those ailments didn’t keep him from making the start agains the Packers in Green […]


FDA approves ‘glowing tumor’ imaging drug to better identify ovarian cancer cells

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved an imaging drug known as Cytalux (pafolacianine), which is attracted to ovarian cancer tissue and illuminates it when exposed to fluorescent light, allowing surgeons to more easily find and more precisely remove the cancer. Physicians at the Center for Precision Surgery in the Abramson Cancer Center […]


U.S. to sell 32 mln bbls from 4 sites as part of strategic sale

The United States will sell 32 million barrels of crude from four Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) sites to be delivered between late-December and April 2022, the Department of Energy (DOE) said as it auctions oil to try to lower global prices. International oil prices have held above $80 a barrel even after U.S. President Joe […]

Technology has recovered from DDoS attack, Blizzard says

Blizzard says that the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that were overwhelming its servers with coordinated traffic are over, and that you should be able to log into again. During the almost hour-long Wednesday evening attack, you may have experienced serious issues trying to get onto the online service underpinning Overwatch, Call of […]